“More than 49% of online shoppers go directly to Amazon to buy.”

- eMarketer.com, 2018

Ready to Grow Your Business on Amazon?

Skyrocket your sales by selling your products on the largest marketplace in the world.

Get in Front of an Audience Ready to BUY

Amazon has over 300 million customers and their numbers are only growing. If you're ready to grow your business and increase your profits, then selling on Amazon is easiest, quickest way to explode your brand and get in front of an audience who already has their credit card out ready to buy.

Kobel Consulting does it ALL for you. We setup, manage, optimize and grow your Amazon seller store so that you can focus on the things you love in your business. We love helping you take your business and income to the next level.

Make it easy on your business and let us do it for you!

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We do it all for you.

About Kobel Consulting

Kathleen Kobel is an Amazon expert seller and consultant who helps businesses grow their brands and scale their sales by selling products on Amazon.


Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

I'm an e-commerce expert who loves helping companies grow by selling their products on Amazon. The Amazon marketplace is full of buyers ready to buy, so I make sure your products are seen by those who need them most.

My mission is to help business owners increase their visibility, trust factor and profits by selling on a marketplace full of customers ready to buy.

"If you're not selling on Amazon, you're missing out on 300 million potential new customers you can help through your business."

Reach more Customers with Amazon

Skyrocket your sales by utilizing Amazon as a third party source of revenue. This will increase your online visibility, brand awareness and trustworthiness plus expose your products to a wealth of potential buyers who appeal to Amazon because of the ease and quickness of the buying and selling process.

Expand your reach even more and go international on Amazon with your business. We offer services for US, UK and Canadian sellers.

Here's why you'll love Us

Increase Profits Quickly

Utilizing Amazon can create an immediate and scalable revenue stream extremely quickly. We'll get your store launched in the first 30 days, plus we already have your launch strategy ready to execute.

Save Time & Make it Easy

Amazon can be a confusing beast to tackle when you're running a business, especially with their constantly changing rules, regulations and systems. We are dedicated to staying on top of these ever changing guidelines from Amazon and we LOVE helping businesses grow on Amazon.

24/7 Support for Your Store

We have a dedicated team of professional Amazon sellers who are committed to seeing your business grow on Amazon. We're proactive with communication and always ready to give you the support you need.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

We know that every business is different. That's why we stay flexible and ready to adapt to the needs of all our clients. We sell in many different categories and niches on Amazon, so no product is out of reach.

Hear what our Customers have to say

"Kathleen and her team at Kobel Consulting are great. They have made setting up and managing our Amazon store easy and painless. We saw the need for our customers to be able to buy some of our products through Amazon and didn't have anyone internally that was qualified to set up a store and manage it. We found Kathleen and it has been so seamless it really feels like she is part of our team. Our Amazon store is up and running and is starting to become an impactful part of our business."
Joe Mecca
"I can’t imagine living without Kathleen! When I first decided to put my Boss Mom products up on Amazon I had no idea where to start or if it was even possible. Kathleen has guided me through the process in a way that was so easy and simple that I can’t imagine having ever done it without her. If you’ve even thought about putting your products on Amazon, Kathleen is your lady. I heart her face!"
Dana Malstaff